Archive Hour

Some views from Laughing Bear and his ilk (may take less than 30 seconds or substantially more than an hour's worth of precious time to begin to ...)

So Les Animaux had their hair cut and the goat was scapped. And yet the bear - baited to the last - returns to laugh gaily at the human propensity for folly and stupidity... That is Laughing Bear will attempt to lance the boil with some sugary surgery:
Laughing Bear will be appearing at the Hospital Club on the 19th February and on this very Saturday 30th January counterproductions will contribute to a discussion on Scapegoats, artists and everything in between (2pm). see http// or

Some (re) appearances of Laughing Bear in no particular order:

Laughing Bear at Montague Arms
(in collaboration with Charlotte Young and Calum F. Kerr)
a second viewing:
(in collaboration with Charlotte Young and Calum F. Kerr)

Inspiration for Laughing Bear’s - Leap in a Void – do not think and stare for too long…!v=B2Wy8wf3u-I&feature=related