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Create YourTopias on 2nd Avenue

Join the Laughing Bear and Kieff 'what you looking at', the deranged door to door salesman from Eltham,

With special guests This Happy Band

in a happy mixture of: Insurrecto-Instrumento Being (Calum F. Kerr), Lord Daniel Lehan, Daren Callow, Mr. Solo, Frog Morris, Elaine Arkell, Daren Calow, Tim Flitcroft, Pierrette Socobaz, Mr Solo, His Majesty Rex Nemo

For an afternoon of agora


2nd Avenue Brixton Village Market SW9
of Coldhabour Lane and Atlantic Road
Near Brixton tube victoria line

This event is an initiative of Andrew Cooper, counterproductions (Charlie Fox),The Urban Bear Research Centre, ArtAgora, This Happy Band (Daniel Lehan) and spacemakers agency

For further information: and

The event unfolding - a filmic response to laughable situation no.1: created by Mark McGowan
Fountainhead(s) of Laughter have been appearing spontaneously in SE15 over the last 24 hours.

"Entering was weird and wonderful", according to Margaret Wood of 88 Rire Drive, "It was totally unexpected and as for the strange voices I was gobsmacked".
Members of the public will have a unique  opportunity to experience "Fountainhead(s) of Laughter", at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon on Peckham Square.

Fountainhead(s) of Laughter

An eruption, a celebration, an invitation to sup at the fountain(s) of laughter
and the wellsprings of Peckham's hallowed ground:

Brought to you exclusively through Secondary Sources, Sorcery and Ranting;

Flowing forth and from the Origin of Laughters, Poetics II (Aristotle), Osama (Twin) Laden, Pope Urban (II), Swedenborg and Darwin the Second (née Erasmus).

Spume, froth and spurt, FOUNTAIN HEADS will erupt on Peckham Square 4pm Thursday 4th March 2010.

With kind support of the legendary International and Glocal Artist Mark McGowan, and the generous assistance of Field, Charlie Fox will be attempting to erect and resurrect laughter's fountainhead(s) for the people, with the people, in the people.

Visitors, viewers, the curious and bold are invited nay encouraged to join the artists after the performance in the BUN HOUSE for drinks, refreshments and further ranting.