Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hectoring and Laughture: and Swedenborg Hall resounds with laughter

Laughing Bear and Don't Care Bear visited Swedenborg Hall to deliver thoughts, rants, and rulebooks on laughter.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

HECTORING OR LAUGHTURE - or what remains of laughter?

counterproductions presents HECTORING & LAUGHTURE - 13th May 6.30 - 9pm

An evening that delves into the spiritual, psychological and orificial affects of laughter. Laughing Bear - with the eminent respondent Doctor Dean Kenning (Don't Care Bear) - will impart the spirit, refinery and elegance of laughter.
An event designed to chase away post-election gloom and euphoria, with the old-fashioned values of laughter.

Drinks, discussion and provocations hosted by The Swedenborg Society, Swedenborg Hall, 20-21 Bloomsbury Way, London (Admission: FREE)

For RESERVATIONS email or tel.020 7405 7986

This presentation is part of Four and a half laughable situations, an ongoing research project into the baffling and provocative phenomenon of laughter.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The event unfolded - a remarkable edited response to laughable situation no.1: created by Mark McGowan:

Fountainhead(s) of Laughter have been appearing spontaneously in SE15 over the last 4 weeks.

"Entering the tent was weird and wonderful", Margaret Wood of 88 Rire Drive recounts, "It was totally unexpected and as for the strange voices I was gobsmacked".
Members of the public, street dwellers, walkers, workers and passersby will have a unique opportunity to experience further "Fountainhead(s) of Laughter", at locations yet to be concealed.

Another response:

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Some UPcoming Events Plus Fountainheads of Laughter

FOUNTAIN HEADS OF LAUGHTER will erupt on Peckham Square on the 4th March 2010.

With kind support of the legendary International and Glocal Artist Mark McGowan, Charlie Fox will be attempting to erect and resurrect laughter's fountainheads for the people, with the people, in the people.

Brought to you exclusively through Secondary Sources, Sorcery and Ranting;

Flowing forth and from the Origin of Laughters, Poetics II (Aristotle), Osama (Twin) Laden, Pope Urban (II) and Darwin the Second (nee Erasmus).

Spume, froth and spurt, FOUNTAIN HEADS will erupt on Peckham Square at 4pm on Thursday 4th March 2010.

The first of four parts of Four and a Half Laughable Situations (another fine counterproductions)- Further information and directions to follow.


So Les Animaux had their hair cut and the goat was scapped. And yet the bear - baited to the last - returns to laugh gaily at the human propensity for folly and stupidity... That is Laughing Bear will attempt to lance the boil with some sugary surgery:
Laughing Bear will be appearing at the Hospital Club on the 19th February and on this very Saturday 30th January counterproductions will contribute to a discussion on Scapegoats, artists and everything in between (2pm). see http// or
On the 6th March Laughing Bear will play an inimitable part in the rousing chorus that is The HAPPY BAND as Part Of Dead Season, Margate.

Plus as part of performance event at Guest Projects on Sat 30th Jan. "Les Animaux Tondues de la liberation" 4pm onto 10pm
Guest Projects, Sunbury House, 1 Andrews Road, London, E8 4QL

Open: Friday–Sunday, 12–6pm
Event: 30 January, 2–10pm

Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Pre-Launch of 'Four and a half laughable situations' - The Laughing Star
20 January 2010 part of Day/Night Lab
Event: Two Half lectures 'In the Event of Laughter'
Launching the first issue of The Laughing Star newspaper (contributions welcome)

Venue: Jubilee Theatre, Digby Stuart, Roehampton University, Roehampton Lane Time: 6pm then at 7.45pm Free
Nearest Public Transport: 10 minutes from Barnes Railway Station

First Published January 2010

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Four and a Half Laughable Situations

Kicking off in January 2010 a series of extra-ordinary laughable situations.

counterproductions and Urban Bear Research Centre are proud to present a season of events exploring the baffling and provocative phenomenon of Laughter:

"Four and a half laughable situations" is a series of laughable situations that respond to the recent findings of Urban Bear Research Centre and 'In the Event of Laughter; performing,situating and recuperating laughter's (after) affects' (PaR Thesis, Roehampton University).

Charlie Fox (with the help of Urban Bear) will attempt to produce 4 and a half laughable situations and invite immediate responses from other artists.
How do we respond to laughter, what might its value be, how to to make use of (or abuse of) it?
For archive and further information on counterproductions and Urban Bear Research Centre visit: