Thursday, 14 January 2010

Four and a Half Laughable Situations

Kicking off in January 2010 a series of extra-ordinary laughable situations.

counterproductions and Urban Bear Research Centre are proud to present a season of events exploring the baffling and provocative phenomenon of Laughter:

"Four and a half laughable situations" is a series of laughable situations that respond to the recent findings of Urban Bear Research Centre and 'In the Event of Laughter; performing,situating and recuperating laughter's (after) affects' (PaR Thesis, Roehampton University).

Charlie Fox (with the help of Urban Bear) will attempt to produce 4 and a half laughable situations and invite immediate responses from other artists.
How do we respond to laughter, what might its value be, how to to make use of (or abuse of) it?
For archive and further information on counterproductions and Urban Bear Research Centre visit:

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